Our Story




Hey everyone! My name is Marie Isabel also known as “Chavi”, I am the owner and founder of UNIQUE, a clothing brand based in Miami.

UNIQUE is a brand that offers you minimal style & comfortable clothing. We want you to feel good about yourself while saving you time, giving you confidence the moment you step out the door.

Clothing may project a person’s first impression, but we know that what really matters is how we feel about ourselves.

Our mission is to empower YOU with our clothing brand. We want you to feel confident & UNIQUE throughout all of our products. We project our brand to be a space where you can feel free to be your authentic self. Because what makes you different, makes you UNIQUE.





To my daughter and all the women/men of the world:

As soon as I saw Chavi in my arms I understood that God had created a special human for me. I also understood at that time that I had to show her that she was a unique and special being. So I started a self-love campaign. To accept and love yourself as you are... unique and valuable.

I have always been very emphatic that God creates unique beings and he wants us to love, respect and honor ourselves and others.

Here at Unique we want to share that message of overcoming our insecurities and obstacles with love and power. I know that Chavi did it, and now I hope that you do it too. Let the world know that you are UNIQUE! "Nobody is you and that is your power". Love yourself and celebrate your uniqueness!